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Update: February 12, 2019

Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone began to form with the groundbreaking of Türk Otomobil Fabrikası AŞ (TOFAŞ) in April 13, 1969 and opening in 1971; and the establishment of Sönmez ASF Facilities in 1975 and finally DOSAB was established in 1990. Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone’s establishment protocol in the scope of Organized Industrial Zones Law #4562, which took effect in April 15, 2000 was registered in April 06, 2001 and it obtaines legal entity status. DOSAB was governed by a Committee of Entrepreneurs until 2009 and moved to a General Assembly process in 2009 as per the legislation.

Today DOSAB has an area of 484 hectares. The proportion of this area is as following; 383 hectares are industrial parcels, 11 hectares are for wastewater treatment plant area, 81 hectars are for green areas, administrative and social services areas, roads and infrastructure services areas.

By 2018, 308 of 347 industrial parcels are owned and 39 parcels are empty and to be projected.There are 515 active companies. There are about 45.000 people working in these companies. Percentages of the companies are 65 % textile, 22 % automotive and 13 % others. As of 2018, the export amount by the companies in the zone is 4,5 billion dollars.

According to data of Istanbul Chamber of Industry, DOSAB is Turkey’s 5th largest industrial organization among 500 organizations in 2017. Also, Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry has declared that there are 35 companies located in DOSAB among Bursa’s 250 biggest companies.

DOSAB is one of the leading Organized Industrial Zones in Turkey which has already completed its infrastructure, offers the best and high-quality services continously with affordable prices to its members and makes difference with its social plants and remarkable social projects.

DOSAB, which worked on projects that enable competitiveness advantages to its members, considered the Cluster Projects would be effective for the industrialists in the zone. Also, as the big quantity of the companies are working on textile sector in the zone, DOSAB started the first Cluster Project on home textiles- mainly upholstery and drapery fabrics. The application file was sent to Ministry of Economy on February 23, 2015 and it was confirmed on May 6, 2015.

Following the first project completed in 2018, the first of the DOSAB Home Textile Project was launched in 2019.

Demirtas Organized Industrial Zone has established Automotive and Auxilaries URGE (Clustering and Development Of International Competitiveness) Project after Home Textile Cluster Project.

The Project is carried out in collaboration with DOSABSİAD.

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